IPO Wallace & Gromit presents A World of Cracking Ideas became an internationally renowned exhibition, which began its life at the London Science Museum. This 150m2 exhibition celebrated invention and ideas alike, with the aim of building the confidence of each and every attendee. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) sought to educate and protect young inventors with a penchant for animation and creativity.

Two Tails has conceptualised, conceived, designed, developed, produced, fabricated and realised all aspects of many Aardman exhibitions. Two Tails has created these high-end large-scale touring or ‘sit down’ exhibitions on behalf of Aardman and include:

Wallace & Gromit in Space | Shaun the Sheep: The Experience | Aardman presents: A Grand Experience | Wallace & Gromit World of Invention | & flagship exhibition IPO Wallace & Gromit presents A World of Cracking Ideas.


2m attendees worldwide for A World of Cracking Ideas over 5 years | 500,000 attendees at Shaun the Sheep and A Grand Experience | 4 years of Wallace & Gromit in Space in Liverpool | Wallace & Gromit World of Invention toured Australia

Our highlights:

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) partnered with Two Tails to help develop a multi-layered project as part of their Cracking Ideas campaign. The concept behind the project was to encourage children to come up with great ideas and enter them into the Intellectual Property Office’s annual competition.

Working with MGA for messaging and design, the Two Tails team developed exciting competition packs and press advertisements using Wallace & Gromit to explain the four key areas of IP – Patents, Design, Copyright and Trademarks. Recipients could express their own cracking ideas in the packs, before sealing them in an envelope and either posting them or adding them to the thousands of entries at the ‘Wallace & Gromit present: A World of Cracking Ideas’ exhibition.

The IPO Aardman Two Tails partnership further evolved when we were asked to develop and produce an interactive activation booth for the Big Bang Festival. which encouraged guests to learn about the work of the IPO and to submit their concepts for the competition.

Every exhibition has featured Shaun the Sheep, who has gone on to become a megastar in his own right. Two Tails has since created and realised the exhibition Shaun the Sheep: the Experience, as well as immersive events, including Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps, Shake it with Shaun and Shaun the Sheep’s Vegetable Orchestra.

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