Two Tails Productions embarked on an exhilarating partnership with ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and iconic British brand Beano, setting the stage for one of our most enchanting brand collaborations to date. We designed and built an unforgettable six-week long immersive experience that seamlessly blended the whimsical world of Beano and the environmental conservation mission of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

Our journey encompassed a comprehensive production phase, including technical design, construction, and installation of eight distinct trail points. From the Dennis Seed Catapults to Dangerous Dan’s Clean Up Mission, Harsha’s Trump Tunnel, and the sprawling Gnasher trail, we meticulously crafted an immersive adventure that would run throughout the summer holiday season.

Upon entering the zoo, visitors were greeted with a specially commissioned, exclusive Beano comic story, setting the tone for the journey ahead. With the magic of Beano’s characters coming to life, our team orchestrated action-packed challenges and games that brought the comic’s pages to vibrant reality.

Beanotown’s mischievous youngsters took center stage, inspiring visitors to become champions of wildlife conservation. Rooted in the belief that real change can be driven by the young at heart, Dennis and his friends guided visitors in learning how to protect wildlife both locally and globally, all while ensuring an abundance of fun.

Collaborating closely with ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and the Beano Studio, Two Tails Productions curated bespoke branded activities throughout the site. The adventure commenced with a giant quiz at the activity area’s entrance, allowing visitors to discover which Beano character their personality most aligned to.

The excitement continued as participants aimed to hit oversized Beano-themed targets with giant catapults, Dennis Menace-style. As part of the experience, visitors then crafted their own seed bombs from clay and embarked on a thrilling bug trail, discovering and identifying native insects. An intriguing encounter awaited inside Harsha’s Tunnel of Trumps, complete with a custom audio track and aroma system that provided an authentic animal waste scent.

The next challenge was introduced by Beanotown’s resident spy, Dangerous Dan. Our team meticulously designed and custom-built giant maze games and cryptic cypher wheels for aspiring spies to decode, adding an extra layer of intrigue and excitement.

The Beano adventure concluded with an artistic flair, where visitors could personalize spinning pinwheels with personal pledges on how they could contribute to animal and environmental protection. These pinwheels collectively formed an expansive pinwheel meadow, symbolizing a shared commitment to these noble causes.

Collaborating with the cherished British brand, Beano, was an immense privilege for Two Tails Productions. Returning to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo for yet another unforgettable summer holiday event reaffirmed our commitment to crafting experiences that captivate audiences of all ages while aligning with the values and missions of our esteemed partners.

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