Armed with a brief requiring real imagination on our part to create a sampling opportunity as well as engagement with the brand on a tour of 9 locations, Two Tails launched the Big Bag Tour experience. Created from concept to on-ground delivery in 8 weeks, the on-site experience delivered an explosion of senses through touch, smell and sound – and the double decker size bags truly delivered a visual impact.

Allowing audiences to walk through the bags helped consumers to recognise the differences between Star Mix, Tangfastics and Super Mix, all of whom offer their own taste experience. The tour was so successful that it ran for a second year around the UK & Ireland at 11 locations, including the Royal Highland show, Lollibop, and Eastbourne Airshow.

Over 650,000 people interacted with the tour that covered more than 6,000 miles, sampling an enormous quantity of sweets.

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